Third World Bomb

by EvilMinded



Industrial sounds blended with the speed of thrash and the harshness of synthesized sounds. A blend of sarcasm, sadism and criticism to the way Guatemala and the world is at the moment this Ep. was created. In a way this was the first attempt to stray away from the norm on how to create songs, it was also the beginning of the ‘less than a minute’ fascination EvilMinded developed and has made it noticeable in the recordings following this release.


released September 9, 2006




EvilMinded Guatemala

Too metal to be electronic and too electronic to be metal. EvilMinded is Guatemala’s noise machine, it is the sonic Guerrilla that has eclectically blended genres such as industrial, digital hardcore, grindcore, punk and metal. It is, as many have known to call it: “The demise of the -idiot- consumerism and the subversive voice of a struggling generation”. ... more

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Track Name: Third World Bomb!
This is your third world bomb... it's time, to join and rejoice!
Track Name: Catheter Tortured Genitalia
It’s cutting down your pale frayed skin as I reach deep inside your ribs…
cutting twisting twirling turning you into SCUM reality…

I am so glad I could kill you…

I’ve been inside your womb
I’ve had to cut your limbs and drink your blood filled cum
to make you mine … swallow

and now you’re bloody… your cum is all mine…
Track Name: Cryptic Messiah
Let it die…
we have a place for you…

No sympathetic thoughts
a play of natural cause
HELL!! designed for you…

this generation’s dead
we have a place for you
this generation’s gone to waste
we have a place for you

let it die!!
we have a place for you

do we take your feeble mind?
may we change your idol now?
buy it now!
buy it now!!

this is your cryptic messiah


this generation’s dead
this generation’s gone to waste
this generation’s dead
this generation’s gone to waste!

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