Lady Cadaver

by EvilMinded



released November 21, 2012

Art | Artes: ElZappo, Kadir, Mac & Villacinda

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This is not music, is chaos.

All right reserved 2012 | M.I.R. Records

Recorded and produced at EVM Compound by EvilMinded




EvilMinded Guatemala

Too metal to be electronic and too electronic to be metal. EvilMinded is Guatemala’s noise machine, it is the sonic Guerrilla that has eclectically blended genres such as industrial, digital hardcore, grindcore, punk and metal. It is, as many have known to call it: “The demise of the -idiot- consumerism and the subversive voice of a struggling generation”. ... more

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Track Name: Lady Cadaver
So here we are!
Master plan for destruction
This is a call against an instance to shut it!
Set the example

The taste of bloody hands
Carnivores, broken bones, cyanide eyes burn bright and red tonight!

It's time to rise
Make a new fail tradition
The Criminal
To pay the price
It's our human condition!

Paradise DEMISE!

We place our trust in you
While you take it
While we break apart from you
Again for the first time
Nothing seems so wrong

Like killing for you
Like feeding you

The sons of broken lives!

So sorry
For bringing you down
I never thought you'd mind
I never thought to ask

So sorry tonight!
I never cared it was so nauseating
I never trusted what you created
You lied!

Take you?
We never left you
I tried so many different things to calm you down and at the end just break you
We learn your lesson

To love is to corrupt!
Track Name: Machete
All your efforts not to die
Your fingers crossed you've lost!
And is there something that you do know?

Last night!
We took a bite of something vicious
No guts
Just sick fun for all of us
A simple lie
A knife
And a slaughter mission
To walk a little where the twisted go home!

So you're the one that I must destroy?

No more reasons
It's your body or your mind
Destroy! Destroy!
The signal dies
There's no monsters inside!

Like that!
Chop its head off!

[Die! Die! Die!]
These are the dead and the dead are all coming for you!

Wake the children from the dead
In the middle of the night
Keep it going
Here we go
There's a genocide in sight
You'll laugh!
When your skull is all broken!

Traeme el machete!

These are the dead and the dead are all coming for...

Right now
Will be the time to see our victim
Right now
Will be the time for...


So! We want your cut up bodies
So! We want your gutless bodies
So! We want your ripped up bodies

So! This is wrong!

I am the dead!
And the twisted
Like all remains
You're going
Down! Down! Down! Down!

You should repent
I'm just kidding!

This is the funniest way to die

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